Lluis JORDA is a sculptor trained(formed) in the pictorial art of the Art school of Barcelona. He(it) completes his(its) training(formation) to the Academy(Regional education authority) of paint(painting). In the years 64 and 65, he(it) attends(takes) the class(course) Arts and crafts of Geneva. He(it) collaborates in the 70s with the sculptor Gérard Calabria. Runner of an original in earth(ground), he(it) models in the hand his(its) room(part,play), then intervenes then in the manufacturing of the figurine in skated resin bronze or with a process of oxidation of the bronze, what confers on the room(part,play) a particular effect. After the plating, the room(part,play) is worked and finished as a bronze. With a representational and romantic character, the woman is the most significant face(figure) of her uvre, with natural and well-balanced forms and contemporary style. Lluis Jordà is an artist of big experience(experiment) of our time(period). We live a prolific moment from the point of view of its creativity, with the realization of excellent rooms(parts,plays) which meet a striking success and get(touch) our sensibility.
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