GUSTAV KLIMT ( 1862-1918 ) eminent Member(Limb) of the innovative group of artists Sezession, Klimt is considered as one of the main precursors of the modern paint(painting). His(her,its) decorative Art nouveau evokes on top of irresistible way the atmosphere the end of century of Vienna: élitaire, middle-class person and liberal, sometimes ornamental, in the decadent pleasures. The combination(overall) between the monumental style, the almost Byzantine decorative art and the classic symbolism results in a very recognizable work, elaborated on the backcloth of the characteristic romanticism of his(her,its) time(period). According to the own assertions of the group Sezession: the art leads(drives) us towards an ideal kingdom, an only place where we can find the enjoyment, the happiness and the love in the pure state. Chorus(choir) of the angels of the paradise. Enjoyment of the divine sparks. Kiss of the whole world!
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