FRANÇOIS POMPON, French Sculptor, pupil of Rodin and famous for its stylish animal works. Pompom was born to Saulieu in the French Burgundy, of a father cabinet maker. He(it) enters at the age of 15 the service dune funeral parlor in Dijon, where he learns the rudiments of the sculpture. He(it) frequents in the evening the School of Fine Arts. Left five years later for Paris, he(it) continues to work during the day for a mortician, in Montparnasse, and goes(surrenders) in the evening to the National School of the Decorative arts. It is during the training(formation) quil meet the animal sculptor Pierre-Louis Rouillard, probably the source of inspiration of the work which will make him(it) much more late famous. He(it) enters finally in the service of Rodin, where he becomes three years later a foreman. From 1896, he(it) works for the sculptor then famous René de Saint-Mareaux a lot, up to the death of this last one in 1916. He(It) continues then to look for a own style, with a pe
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