EGON SCHIELE ( 1890-1918 ) Draftsman and painter who, during his short life, evolved of artist Art nouveau by representing of the Viennese expressionism. All his(her) family working in railroads, Egon Schiele seemed to have to join this railroad logic to satisfy his(her) relatives(parents). This stubborn young person however preferred to join the School of Fine Arts of Vienna. He(it) admired the movement Sezession, with names such as Gustav Klimt, of whom he(it) got acquainted in 1907 and which made it his(her) protégé. We recognize at once in the premature works of Schiele his(her,its) tendency for the art of oriental Asia, what sticks perfectly with the decorative and illustrative style of the Viennese Art nouveau (or Jugendstil). He(it) developed later his(its) own style of drawing, powerful, angular, which made it the representative of the Viennese expressionism of the first days. Author of numerous portraits, many of himself(itself), he(it) takes a sometimes almost alarming distance of his(its) subject
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