Edgar De Gas, said Degas, been born on July 19th, 1834 and died on September 27th, 1917 in Paris, is a painter, an engraver, a sculptor and a French photographer. Most of the works dedicated to Edgar Degas, lorsquils wish to classify him(it) in lhistoire of lart, connect him(it) with the big movement of limpressionnisme, trained(formed) in France in the last third(third party) of the XIXth century in reaction to the academic paint(painting) of lépoque. During almost thirty years, already old, Degas does not stop renewing its art. Working more and more by series, he(it) declines familiar themes. Not sintéressant that in a punctual way in the landscape, he(it) is always fascinated by the dancers and more and more by the women in their dress(toilet), who wash themselves, do hair or go out of the bath.
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