Auguste Rodin ( François-Auguste-René Rodin), born in Paris on November 12th, 1840 and died to Meudon on November 17th, 1917, is one of the most important French sculptors of the second half of the XIXth century.
He revolutionized the sculpture by a freedom of unknown shape up to there. He sculptures a dancer (Movement of dance H [1]) without head and the members of which train(form) lines dashing upward, so expressing the oversight(forgetting) of one and the liberation of the body in the dance. His famous Thinker [ 2 ] is quite in imbalance, consisted of five triangles in a precarious arrangement, so expressing the nature of the course(price) of the thought and his link in the body. Ré-explorant the affectation while associating him with a work of the material(subject), he expresses with sculptures as The Kiss a sensualism which sometimes shocks the public of time(period). We often recognize his works by a finished shape which remains partially taken in a more rustic and partially rough-hewed block. The result(profit) always striking is a balance enters a model stuck in the raw(gross) mass and a moose(run-up) given to the work which seems so ready to escape from it. Rodin, in the avant-garde of its art, left the moulds(mussels) of its sculptures in her deces.
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