AMEDEO MODIGLIANI ( 1884-1920 ) Amedeo Modigliani's work, with its typical lengthened(stretched out) forms, is at once recognizable. We find in its paints(paintings) his(her,its) passion for the sculpture, which he had to abandon(give up) in 1915 for reasons of health. Born in Tuscany in the city of Livourne, he(it) does an academic training course in Florence and Venice and comes to settle down in 1906 in the famous district of the painters of Montmartre, where his(its) talent was recognized at once by the European avant-garde. His(her,its) artist's life was short and livened up, fascinated(led, fascinated) and in constant collection(quest) of gratitude(recognition), but also affected(allocated) by the alcoholism, the metaphysical fears and the devastating tuberculosis. Modigliani left at the age of forty a work which testified of a sincere collection(quest) and obsessive of the truth and the purity in the art.
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