During his life, Albert Dubout (Marseille 1905-Mézy-sur-Seine, 1976) illustrated more than 80 works the last one of which appeared after its death. He(it) published 27 albums and creates 80 posters of cinema and advertising(publicity). Besides, he(it) realized 70 paints(paintings) with oil among which the famous Bullfights with their shadows and lights as well as the Toreros. With Magritte and Steinberg, there are certainly lun the most influential artists of a whole generation of draftsmen and illustrators. Fascinated of direction and d automobile photographic gags(jokes), he(it) seems to vacillate between the photos of trays of scenes(stages) of movies of Chaplin and the spectaculars of Jérôme Bosch. Dubout, a real workaholic, who with Daumier, is one of more beautiful jewels(flagships) of the French satire.
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