Virgin to the child Vivenel in resin

Virgin to the child Vivenel in resin
Virgin to the child Vivenel in resin
Reference : RMN37
Unknown person (Second half of the XIVth century)
Compiègne, Vivenel museum.
Material(Subject) of the original: ivory
H. 21 L. 5 p. 7,5 cms

The virgin, the straight(right) head, carries(wears) a mutilated crown, credibly completely in jewels(flagships). Sat(based), in long dress, the child dressed in a tunic which lets appear the left foot delicately modelled, is raised(drawn up) on the left(awkward) knee. Of an affectionate and confident gesture(movement), pressed on the shoulder of her mother whose both pieces of the veil he(it) holds crossed on the top of the breast, Jesus presents of the left hand a globe comparable to a fruit (apple?).
The back of this statuette, the light antéropostérieure curve of which, bound(connected) to the nature of the material of origin, is flat and given rhythm by the fallout(effect) of the marial veil, folds broken on the base of the coat and the big simplicity of the seat(siege). This work denotes a big virtuosity on behalf of master(teacher) to ivoirier who knew how to in particular integrate(join) his work into the curvature of the material.
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