Victoire de Samothrace in resin

Victoire de Samothrace in resin
Victoire de Samothrace in resin
Reference : RMN27
Unknown person (in the Beginning of the IIth century BC, Art Rhodien, Hellenistic time(period))
Island of Samothrace, Sanctuary of Cabires tracks, searches(excavations) of Champoiseau on 1863.
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Material(Subject) of the original: marble of Paros.
H. 34 L. 22 p. 16 cms
We discussed a lot the date of this colossal statue found on the island of Samothrace. She(it) was raised(brought up) near the sanctuary of Cabires, defenders of the sailors, to commemorate a victory of the fleet of Rhodes; gone(taken) up on l? Before of a galley(bad adventure), she announced this success, the opened right hand.
The extraordinary virtuosity of the drape creates the power of the work: the garment stuck on the breast underlines in transparency the splendidly bent body; folds wave and frisonnent on all the left-hand side of the goddess then disappear to model the thigh, which gives rhythm to the moose(run-up) of the body, and spread(display,deploy) in a wide dragnet floating behind.
So this victory in wings majestic.
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