The workshop(studio) of molding of the Louvre was created in 1794, two years after the creation of the Musée du Louvre. Born of the will of the Lights to spread the artistic and scientific knowledge, his(her,its) first vocation was to supply to museums and to Schools of Fine Arts of the faithful reproductions of the masterpieces of the antique statuary. Since 1895, he(it) is connected with the Union of National Museums ( RMN). At the moment his(her,its) role sest widened to a vaster public: each can acquire a molding of very good quality there.
The fund(collection) the workshop(studio) of molding of the Louvre of which assures(insures) the preservation, the use and the sale is not only constituted moldings of the collections of the Louvre. French and foreign museums appear there also. 5000 references of the catalog make a vast directory of the world statuary, the history(story) of the sculpture of the origins(background) in our days. This continuous enrichment allows to assert that this workshop(studio) is in itself a museum: the adventures of the History(Story) make that sometimes it is necessary to refer to the molding to know the original state, some work destroyed(annulled) are not more known than by their imprint.
Jean-René Gaborit, general conservative(curator) in charge of the department of sculptures, likes quoting this sentence of a learned antique dealer of the beginning of the XIXth century: the plaster taken(brought) out of the mould trained(formed) on the statue or the bas-relief in can of food all the forms and is enough for passing on exactly all the beauties. It is the mission and the ambition of the workshop(studio) of molding there.
This recognized know-how all over the world is given as well to private individuals as to institutions. The workshop(studio) always executes the imprint on the original or, progress obliges, by digitalization, and makes the model which will be of use then to the reproduction in terra-cotta, in resin, bronze or in plaster.
All the marketed moldings carry(wear) the stamp of the Union of National Museums, and are delivered with a certificate of guarantee of the origin and the quality of their manufacturing. The Union of National Museums also markets by our highly varied intermediary of jewels and objects.
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