Prajnaparamita in resin

Prajnaparamita in resin
Prajnaparamita in resin
Reference : RMN31
Unknown person (at the End of the XIIth or the XIIIth beginning, time(period) angkorienne)
Cambodia, mission Aymonier.
Paris, national museum of the Asiatic Arts - Guimet
Material(Subject) of the original: stoneware
H. 38 L. 17 p. 16 cms
During first centuries AD, Cambodia is under the influence of India, and the Indians withdraw regularly on him every time the valley of the Ganges is invaded or threatened. So the official religion is the Brahmanism there. The country falls then dominated by the peoples of Java(Popular waltz), but from the beginning of the IXth century, the Khmers reconquer him(it) entirely and choose as capital, but a little later, the site of Angkor.
From 1181 however, Jayavarman VII manages to go hunting l' Invader, is crowned king and begins(undertakes) the reconstruction of the capital the main monument of which is the Temple of Bayon, in the city(estate) of Angkor Thom.
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