Pendant lydien in gold-plated 3.2 cm

Pendant lydien in gold-plated 3.2 cm
Pendant lydien in gold-plated 3.2 cm
Reference : BIJ07
Information about the original work:
Paris, Musée du Louvre.
Towards 3000 before J.C. Asia Minor
Golden original.

This pendant to the very pure drawing must be oldest that Croesus, whose only name still streams with gold and with precious stones. It was the most luxurious kings of Lydie, very former(ancient) kingdom of Asia Minor, limited to the North by Mysie, on the West by the Aegean Sea, in the East by Phrygie and in the South by the Caries, from which he(it) was separated by the river Meander.
We discovered this jewel in a grave of Sardinians' region, former(ancient) capital of Croesus, at the same time as two much smaller but similar pendants: the one in the aspect of a ring, other one of a decorated with mouldings record(disk). They had to concern to the breast, as in the Cyprus island, in the VIè century. We would not know how to specify their symbolic meaning, which remains mysterious.
Lydie was independent and prosperous until 548.
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