Pair of scribes book end in resin

 Pair of scribes book end in resin
Pair of scribes book end in resin
Reference : RMN22
Unknown person (1295-1069 BC, New Empire, time(period) ramesside)
Collection Nahman
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Material(Subject) of the original: Diorite
H. 22,5 L. 9 p. 15,5 cm
This small statue represents a man sat(based) on a pillow, knees returned in front of him, the composed crossed arms above. He(it) takes place on a base and leans on a dorsal pillar(prop) in the round summit. He(it) is completely wrapped in a long coat from which appear only his(its) feet and the hands. In that of the right, he(it) holds an ear. He(it) carries(wears) a degraded wig made by big waved drills(locks) loosening(kicking away) two curly pieces which fall again on shoulders and his(her,its) chin is provided with a small square beard. One cartridge registers in the name of Ramsès II is engraved(burnt) on his(her,its) left hand.
Hieroglyphs engraved(burnt) on the pillar(prop) and the base were arasés largely. The character named Hor and, among others functions(offices), seemed to have occupied those of Priest and Bursar de Ptah. This appartien statue
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