Jayavarman VII in resin

Jayavarman VII in resin
Jayavarman VII in resin
Reference : RMN29
Unknown person
Neighborhood of Angkor, Cambodia, uncertain origin, style of Bayon
Paris, national museum of the Asiatic Arts - Guimet
Material(Subject) of the original: stoneware
H. 24,5 L. 12 p. 16 cms
This head, although devoid of badges of monarchy(kingship) and of any finery, is the one of the sovereign Jayavarman VII. King is represented to the adulthood, meditating in any humility the lowered(dimmed) eyes. His(her,its) lips post(show) the famous '' smile of Angkor ''.
This sculpture belongs to the style the sculptors abandon(give up) the ideal standard(cannon) of youth and beauty, a little impersonal, previous times(periods). They adopt then a style more naturalist, ground and human, in the sensitive relief, being sometimes inspired by the face of king or by his contemporaries.
These works show a big expressiveness, translating by the worship and the serenity of the soul the royal size(greatness). Several statues identified as portraits are known, the sovereign appears to it at different ages, have
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