Technique of the molding Resin:
The use of resins for the moldings is recent. The resin allows the realization of fragile works and small size(format) which can be reproduced in a material less expensive than the bronze. This material is also very well adapted to an exhibition(exposure) outside. Resins appear generally under a liquid shape which the addition of a catalyst is going to make harden. Their properties of resistance can be strengthened by the use of '' loads '' ( '' responsibilities '' ) as the metallic powder or the use of fiberglass which allows by the technique of the laminate to create big hollow but very resistant moldings. The addition(bill) of metallic powders or marble powder, the tint(coloring) by pigments allow reproductions in resin of the most faithful on whom(which) the skaters can express their know-how and look to your room(part,play), the aspect of the one who is kept(preserved) to the museum.
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