The Spirit Trendy Museum proposes you the on-line sale of a big variety of products selected for their excellent quality and their originality. We are distributing please by The Union of National Museums which markets reproductions of jewels, moldings and the other objects of various museums of France.
We propose you reproductions of works of big artists as well as creators' original works.
You can, thanks to our site, command(order) easily and quickly and receive your command(order) for the very short deadline.
Collection of museums Buddha of Ankor Vat in resin 143 Euros.
COW PARADE Art of America 48.00 Euros
Pendant in the silver shell Collection of Museums 85 Euros.
Polar bear of POMPON 47.50 Euros
Sculpture Féerie of Luis JORDA. 210.00 Euros
The small dancer of E.Degas. Price 29.50 Euros
Sculpture the kiss of A. Rodin price 38.00 Euros
Bronze sculpture. Price 356.00 Euros