Couple sat(based) in resin

 Couple sat(based) in resin
Couple sat(based) in resin
Reference : RMN19
Unknown person (By 1300 avt J.-C., Time(Period) ramesside, fine of the XVIIIème-XIXème dynasty) Egypt.
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Material(Subject) of the original: serpentine
H. 13 L. 7 p. 7 cm
This charming small group of schist establishes(constitutes) one of the masterpieces of the Louvre. It is the illustration of the sweetness of the Pharaonic civilization, its humanity and its high degree of evolution. The monument which carries(wears) nevertheless no registration(inscription) (these last ones must be engraved(burnt) on the base which disappeared) speaks about himself(itself).
We are indeed certainly here in the presence of? One very senior official, is Egyptian simple or born great lord endowed with intelligence and with the culture liberally dispensed(exempted) by schools, and whom his calame (that is the reed with which the Egyptians wrote) allowed to reach up to the feet of Pharaoh.
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