Buddha teaching in resin

Buddha teaching in resin
Buddha teaching in resin
Reference : RMN34
Unknown person (XIXth century, art of Vietnam) Cambodia
Paris, national museum of the Asiatic Arts - Guimet
Material(Subject) of the original: bronze
H. 21,5 L. 11 p. 5,5 cms
Sat(Based) in the Indian and the very right(straight) body, the buddha put the hands with dish(flat) the one on the other one. Hands gathered(combined) in his(her,its) lap in such a position indicate that he(it) is in meditation.
It is indeed about a mûdra, that is a codified gesture(movement) which gives an indication of sense(direction) to the whole work.
Recognizable in a certain number of lines(features) which distinguish the Happy of the common run of people, Buddha is characterized here by the cranial protuberance present usnisa ) under the hair established(constituted) by buckles.

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