Buddha of Angkor Vat in resin

Buddha of Angkor Vat in resin
Buddha of Angkor Vat in resin
Reference : RMN28
Unknown person (XIIème-XIIIème century, Khmer Art, style of Baphuon) Cambodia.
Paris, national museum of the Asiatic Arts - Guimet
Material(Subject) of the original: stoneware
H. 30 L. 11 p. 11 cms
The Buddhism, imported by India, was not the dominant religion in Cambodia before the end of the XIIth century. He(it) nevertheless determined it beautiful sculptures from the VIIth century.
In the XIth century, the ethnic type(chap) imposed upon the sculptors who got free the Indian influence of the previous times(periods) and gave birth to a series of faces, so Buddhist as Brahmanic, idealizing the lines(features) appropriate(clean) for the Khmer race: the smile appears from this moment, which will reach(affect) its aesthetic peak in the XIIth and XIIIth centuries.
The cranial protuberance, which is one of canonical signs of the Buddha, his curly, canonical hair too, are translated in this? Uvre '' to the Khmer '', how she(it) l? Was variants in all the South-East Asia.

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