Buddha Maravijaya in resin

Buddha Maravijaya in resin
Buddha Maravijaya in resin
Reference : RMN32
Unknown person (XVth century, Thai art, style of Sukhothaï)
Unknown exact origin.
Paris, national museum of the Asiatic Arts - Guimet
Material(Subject) of the original: golden Bronze
H. 36 L. 22,5 p. 13 cms
Among the iconographies of Buddha dedicated in the Thai arts, this one is doubtless the most classic. This canonical attitude presents the Happy in meditation when, reached the ultimate stage(stadium) of his(its) approach(initiative), it calls the Earth to witness of its victory, according to a gesture(movement) sketched by the right hand.
At this precise moment it becomes Buddha, the Awake(Sharp) which triumphed over assaults of Mâra (the Death, the Evil): Mâravijaya. Indeed Mâra embodies in the Buddhism the tempter par excellence, the god who dominates the world of the desire. Except, feeling(smelling) his(its) empire over the world threatened by Buddha who gets ready to discover the way of the safety(salute), he(it) makes him(her) undergo several tests(events). After in particular devils' attack and intervention of very Mâra, the buddha triumphs.

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