Amon and Mout in resin

Amon and Mout in resin
Amon and Mout in resin
Reference : RMN20
Unknown person (By 1305-1196 BC, XIXth dynasty) Egypt.
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Material(Subject) of the original: schist
H. 18 L. 8 p. 8 cm
This small group, d? A rare sharpness(delicacy) of execution, evokes the gods Amon and Mout, adorned with all their attributes. Amon is represented here in a very hieratic break. Dressed in a corselet with plumage, he(it) carries(wears) two high feathers decorating all the hairstyles of the celestial divinities.
Mout, evocation of the maternity(maternity hospital), put on(beaten) by the crown of High and Lower Egypt put on a skin of vulture, interwines(embraces) of its left hand the god Amon. The rare elegance of this divinity is still stressed by a feminine suit(costume) which we find on rare images of queens and goddesses until Cléopâtre.
A hieroglyphic text engraved(burnt) on the dorsal pillar(prop) dedicates this round-bump: a hymn to Amon-Ré and Mout is dedicated by Merimaat, private individual who so takes place under the protection of masters(teachers) of the temple of Karnak. On the base, one f
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